Was the effort worth it?

To help you decide if the altMBA is for you, we put together some insights from the community.

What were your takeaways?

I'd say my brain has been stretched in lots of uncomfortable ways, you will work like you never have before to ship 13 projects, and you will have a whole lot of fun thanks to the coaches and the other altMBA'ers. I have a new framework for making decisions, setting goals, and looking at my business and my customers. But the boundary gets kind of blurred here as the program will have an impact on you personally too. Highly recommended.
Simone D., Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
The power of shared mindsets, over skill-sets, as brilliant minds from across the globe, joined forces on this transformational journey. The diversity of cultures, life-experiences, and professional expertise make this experience so rich, and also make the alumni community so fascinating. The altMBA completely changed my view of what it means to be a professional, smashing so many of my fears and self-imposed constraints, and giving me the courage to embrace the practice of pressing publish.
Heath E., Croydon, Victoria, Australia
Two years later the altMBA is still having an impact on my life. First, I met some terrific people, and we started a mastermind that we've kept going for 15 months. Second, I am still learning from the prompts. Third, I realized that online courses (when done right) can help you keep learning, growing, and meeting new people. My altMBA alumni mastermind group meets every other Friday on zoom. We talk through our challenges, our goals, we meet up in person once in a while, and we consider each other friends.
Gustavo S., Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
Take the most interesting and diverse set of people you can imagine. Add a crazily challenging schedule of shipping, commenting, and reflecting projects. Flavor it with openness, vulnerability, and generosity. Stir it and you suddenly will have clarity on so many different levels. That's what the altMBA did to me.
Cornelius S., Erlangen, Germany
The altMBA program made me question every aspect of my life, big or small. It gave me the tools to live a different life, one that's fulfilling, rewarding, and full of growth and opportunity. If you're going to apply, know that it will be a turning point in your life, something you will always go back to or refer to. I hope you're ready.
Lea A., Ontario, CA
My biggest takeaway from the altMBA was that I really was able to show myself what level of output I was capable of. One of Seth’s biggest things is, “Just ship it. Put your work out there into the world”. That can be really difficult when you’re by yourself at your kitchen island, typing away in the dark. Having people around me who were shipping more work than they had in their entire life just like I was, was just incredible.
Stewart H., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
It is almost impossible to believe, but after 4 weeks of altMBA, I am a better decision-maker, more courageous, more adventurous, more sure in my own ability to get things done. The days are longer and fuller, more things are achieved, as you feel the kindness, support, and generosity of people continuously supporting you in the journey. The environment created allows you to experiment, to question, to doubt, to connect with others, and to blossom into the person you always wanted to be. Feeling immensely blessed and grateful for this experience, looking forward to continuing to be a part of this unique and incredibly vibrant community!
Lana C., Somerville, Massachusetts, USA
The altMBA has fundamentally changed the way I approach my personal and professional life. The process is so well designed to guide us through that transformation to understand human connection -- and how to use that understanding in more effective leadership, working with your boss, connecting with your mom, or even getting real with yourself.
Henry C., Davis, California, USA
Wow! Just Wow! I loved it. I am now feeling highly motivated and want to jump onto new opportunities, and change the world! I have learned to put myself out there more, to embrace fear and tension, better understand the frames/bias/boundaries of my thoughts, and really understand the impact of digging deep and collaborating. You leave the altMBA a different person. You have now seen behind the curtain of what-if, and once you see the truth, you can not go back.
Christopher S., Basel, Switzerland
The altMBA books alone were worth every penny. The program itself? Priceless. Best educational and personal/professional development experience I've ever encountered.
Nicole T., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
In my 20 years of people & organization development as a consultant, trainer & coach, I have not yet come across such an intense 1-month transformational program. Experiencing with my own eyes in the altMBA the magic that is created by Seth and his dedicated team of people developers around him has been such a valuable experience for me. I learned so much that makes me see my (business) world in a new way, and most importantly that I can apply straight away.
Thomas O., Bolton, United Kingdom
Four weeks in Seth Godin's altMBA has been more beneficial than six years, two degrees, and over 120k of student debt. It was a mix between the warmth of summer camp and the grit of all-night hackathons. It was an experience I’ll take with me as I move forward and it’s one I suggest you consider if you’re ready to level up.
Mark G., La Jolla, California, USA
There are moments in your life where big change happens. AltMBA is THE CHANGE. I'm not the person I was before altMBA started. What you learn will last forever.
Barbara O., Bologna, Italy

Who is it for?

If you have a life changing question such as, "Am I game enough to start a new business/start a new career?" - altMBA is for you. If you know there's a different way of doing business but you haven't found that way - altMBA for you. If you want to be in a "room" of extraordinary change-makers - altMBA is for you. If you know you have untapped potential and don't know how to unleash it - altMBA is for you. If you're looking for that zing that will take you to another level - altMBA is for you.
Fiona F., Dorrigo, New South Wales, Australia
The altMBA is only for people who are ready to level-up in work, in personal relationships, and in life! If you’re ready to go all-in, this is the place to do it. The people you will meet will forever change you and after it’s over, you will realize it’s just the beginning. You will see the world differently – it’s still full of fear, limitations, and judgment – but you will run towards the fear and tear down all barriers standing in your way. I now have the tools to get unstuck, to achieve meaningful goals, and to live a full life. I learned what it means to be generous and will continue to be generous for the rest of my life because I've seen the difference it makes. Best of all, I have an amazingly supportive network of altMBA alumni to keep me honest on my once in a lifetime journey. I will never forget this experience.
Terumi O., Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA

How would you describe the altMBA?

The AltMBA blew my mind. It's an understatement to call it simply a course, it's a new way of life. From brilliantly orchestrated projects that powerfully shape your worldview to the instant connection and camaraderie you feel with your classmates, this is the most powerful investment I have made for myself with instant results. It allowed me to clearly see the path I want for my life, business and personal relationships. Thank you for creating this extraordinary experience. I don't want to go!
Amy S., Walnut Creek, California, USA
The altMBA was a life and career altering experience. You actively engage with the coolest and smartest leaders from around the world. You're guided by creative coaches who generously push you to intellectual heights you never knew you had. After graduating, I am astonished at the person that I've become. It's not a program; it's a mindset.
Omar K., Orlando, Florida, USA
It's a super intense four-week sprint through everything you want to know better -- leadership, decision-making, marketing, empathy, strategy, and more. It's demanding and amazing and you'll meet the most incredible people and you'll surprise yourself and it will be completely worth every minute.
Rachel J., Stow, Massachusetts, USA

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