Was the effort worth it?
altMBA alumni with families and full-time jobs

Having two kids, running my own consulting business, and just life in general made me question if I would be able to do it. My kids have noticed the difference in me as well and it has made me a better role model for them about pushing yourself, working hard and being the best you can.
Jennifer C.
I did realize it would be extremely challenging to make it work, but I knew I wanted to make it happen. My point in saying all this is if you are an applicant, you have already made the conscious decision that altMBA is for you. It just takes guts to figure out and commit to balancing it with work, family, life.
James M.
In short: it can be done, but you'll need to make an effort. I believe the effort is worth it. I consider myself a better leader, a better partner and a better father because of the things I learned about myself during the altMBA.
Steve V.
The altMBA was totally worth it. There comes a point in our lives where we feel we need to make a change (drastic at times) and this is where those 'next steps' begin to take shape and unfold. The altMBA is a transformation process that plants a seed for a much larger plan.
Zania S.
I completed the altMBA as a mom of two elementary kids and a business owner. If a busy parent is wondering if it is possible, the answer is yes The key for me was having my husband onboard to help pick up some of the slack. I did set us up for success by pre-making some freezer meals and making sure we had our schedules synced before I started. Overall everything went very well and I am proud to have completed it while keeping both business and family afloat. I would tell them [prospective applicants] to go for it!
Audrey H.
Particularly for women who may be thinking about applying, but concerned about balancing their families, is that some of this falls squarely into the category of ‘mommy guilt’. When you're used to being the primary doer for your kids/family, it feels selfish to carve out this much time for your own pursuit. What I can say is that I am a better all-around mom, wife, and human being for having invested those 30 days in myself, and experienced altMBA.
Jennifer C.
The altMBA was definitely worth it - absolutely no doubt about it. I was able to apply skills learned on day one as a professional through participating in meaningful conversations, making good decisions, and shipping more efficiently.
Robert Z.
I applied to altMBA because I knew I had to...because people like us do things like this. As crazy as life was at that point, I am a firm believer in two things: if something is worth doing, it's worth doing now AND there will never be a better time than now.
James M.
Not only professionally, but personally the altMBA was incredibly valuable. Being able to help my family, especially my daughters, see the world from a different lens is already making a difference in their lives - and it’s exciting to see them grow and stretch their minds from conversations and interactions we have at home.
Nathan P.
The altMBA was more than worth it. I almost opted out because I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it all, but the timing could not have been better for my career trajectory. I came away from the program with clear next steps and the skills I needed to move forward towards goals.
Mindi R.
It was totally worth it. I came out of altMBA as a better person. It's only a month. If I had to do this again, I 100% would do it. I've recommended altMBA to several friends with family and kids.
Robert Z.
Not finishing was never an option for me. I was committed. I felt empowered throughout the entire process and I was reminded of how much I love to challenge myself. The community of like-minded students was the best part. Knowing we were in this crazy ride together helped me push myself through to the end.
Zania S.
From a self growth standpoint, altMBA is by far the greatest thing I have ever done. I would do it over in a heartbeat.
James M.
As a student in altMBA5 I was working full time (with some travel) and tending to a two year old daughter. The sprint is just that, an amazing four week process that pushes you further. I was able to keep all of the commitments for my career and ship my work for altMBA without missing a single learning group meeting.
Nick D.
From the perspective of my family and the impact on them, once we made it thru the 30 days, it's been great. After that, all my energy, motivation, enthusiasm and new ideas have become a part of our lives. I made a career change that made me a happier person overall - happier mama and wife. I had my eyes opened to the new and better ideas I want to teach my son. I found new ways to express myself creatively and gain perspective on events outside of my work. All these things make me a better wife and partner. And that's just a part of why it was worth it.
Abbe V.
About combining full time work and being a good father combined with the altMBA, here's what I would say: it is not easy. You will manage, because you will get into a mode where you can do more than you would have thought possible.
Steven V.
One of the best things about altMBA is the network, as I met other parents with young children who are also causing a ruckus. Connecting with them around ‘how they get it all done’ helped me discover better workflows and renewed my focus on what matters most.
Mindi R.
The altMBA is for leveling up. Leveling up at all front; whether it’s at work, in balancing family priorities or even another study program that may be in progress. I signed up for altMBA4 during last March while I was still studying for my formal MBA, working in full-time role at the mine site and managing my two little ones while at home. The first thing that I learned from the course was to embrace the tension, and there is no best time than the present time for leveling up.
Pratik P.
Above all else it taught me to get out of my own way and it taught me to ship while embracing the fear that comes along with putting yourself out there. Before altMBA I would have never had the nerve to launch my own podcast. Now I am closing in on 5,000 downloads and have connected with some of the most incredible people who have become a part of my network.
James M.

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