altMBA Videos

If you are considering whether the altMBA is for you, it may be helpful to hear directly from our team and altMBA alumni. Below is a collection of videos including discussions about our learning philosophy and former students' experiences in the program.

What happens inside the altMBA

altMBA alumni riff on their experiences inside the altMBA.

Videos from Seth

Ask me anything - altMBA Edition

Seth riffs on all your most commonly asked questions.

Lessons we’ve learned

Seth riffs on the 3 lessons we’ve learned from running the altMBA.

Is this just for corporate leaders?

Seth riffs on who the altMBA is for.

Our learning philosophy

Seth riffs on our learning philosophy and how we make change happen in the altMBA.

Manifesto for small teams

Seth riffs on why small teams are important and how we use them in the altMBA.

Is the altMBA accredited?

Seth riffs on our view of tests, grades, and accreditation.

Videos from our team

Our favorite moments

altMBA Head Coaches, Dean Bardouka & Pete Shepherd, and our Provost, Marie Schacht, riff on their favorite altMBA moments.

Your altMBA application

Sam Miller, Head of admissions, riffs on how to make your application stand out.

Videos from altMBA alumni

Alumni takeaways

altMBA alumni share their biggest takeaways from the workshop.

Advice to those on the fence.

Alumni share their thoughts for prospective students on the fence.

Where would you be today without the altMBA?

Alumni share their thoughts on how the workshop has impacted where they are today.

What makes the altMBA community special?

altMBA alumni reflect on their classmates and the connections they formed.

What makes the altMBA different?

Alumni dig into why this workshop is different from other learning experiences.

The altMBA Experience

Alumni navigate an extensive overview of the altMBA and their experience.

Facebook Lives

The altMBA and the application process

Seth and Sam Miller, Director of Admissions and Operations, have a conversation about the altMBA application process and the alumni community.

The altMBA and the role of our coaches

Joined by our three altMBA head coaches, Lisa Lambert, Rick Kitagawa & Aray M. Till, we dive into uncertainty, leadership, shipping work, and showing up generously.

The altMBA and growth

Seth and Taylor Harrington, Director of Digital Marketing, and altMBA coaches, Lisa Lambert and Pete Shepherd riff on the topic of growth.

Seth riffs on the altMBA


altMBA roundtable

Our first roundtable with Seth and altMBA coaches, Aray M. Till, Vince Mancari. They riff on uncertainty, leadership, and the importance to continue learning.

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