altMBA Webinars

AMAAA with Seth Godin

Our altMBA founder, Seth Godin, answers questions during a live Ask Me Anything About the altMBA (AMAAA) session.

Wes Kao
Director, altMBA
Seth Godin
Founder, altMBA

Some of the questions include...

Is the altMBA helpful for people seeking a career change? If I want to start my own business, would the altMBA be a good program to sharpen my ideas? What is the ultimate purpose of the alumni network? Are the projects self-directed?

altMBA Alumni in Enterprise Tech

We catch up with altMBA alumni from Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft about how the altMBA helped them level up and do work that matters.

Wes Kao
Director, altMBA
Ashley Hathaway
Senior Developer Evangelist, IBM Watson
Mahesh Kamat
Program Manager, Microsoft OneNote
Peter Nieuwenhuizen
Software Development Manager, Amazon Web Services

Some of the questions include...

What made you take the leap to apply? How does the altMBA affect your schedule? Balancing work, family, and the altMBA. How have you changed since the altMBA? What’s an example of something you approached differently because of something you learned in the workshop? Was there anything unexpected or surprising about the workshop? How would you describe the altMBA community? What did you learn about yourself? What's the biggest benefit that you got from participating? What was it like working on projects with different groups each week? What’s your biggest takeaway from the workshop? What is a change that has lasted since you graduated from the program?

Alumni Webinar

altMBA Director, Wes Kao talks with three alumni about their experiences during altMBA. Katelynne Katona, Kaci Lambe, and Ian Scott answer questions from prospective students and reflect on how they changed during the altMBA.

Wes Kao
Director, altMBA
Katelynne Katona
Store Manager, Flagship Store, Lululemon Athletica
Kaci Lambe
Senior Web Designer, Whole Foods
Ian Scott
Product Manager, Kickstarter

Some of the questions include...

How do you manage the altMBA on top of a busy full-time job? What's the biggest benefit you got from participating? How did the altMBA change your relationship with feedback? What were the one or two things you had to unlearn as a result of the program?

Apply for the altMBA

The program dates:

altMBA12/13 Summer: July 10 – August 8, 2017
altMBA14/15 Fall: October 2 – October 31, 2017

The application takes about 20 minutes to complete.