Rising Talent March 2020

Transform your leaders in the exclusive session for Fortune 500’s and Industry Disruptors

World-class organizations hire motivated people, set high expectations, and give their people room to be remarkable.
Seth Godin

Visionary companies don’t just demand the best talent; they create it in the altMBA.

Successful Fortune 500’s choose altMBA to fuel growth, inspire leaders, and grow a culture to promote from within. For five years, the altMBA has taught leaders at Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, WalMart, Coca Cola, the breakthrough new method to manage rapid workforce change, innovate inside their organizations, and lead at a whole new level.

Leaders are made, not born.

Rising Talent provides leaders at best-in-class Fortune 500’s and high-growth industry disruptors with unparalleled peer-to-peer learning, immediate skill application, and networking with top-tier talent.

Our team took the altMBA in June. The feedback was amazing: it’s been ‘life-changing’ for our sales teams and made a huge impression. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

altMBA Rising Talent invites 25 best-in-class companies to join in March 2020.

  • 3 Exclusive sessions with Seth Godin before, during, and after program, including fireside chat with Seth for skill-integration.
  • Each company will be featured prominently to Seth’s audience as a pioneer in talent development.
  • Each company and Chief Learning Officer/VP will be highlighted to Seth’s insider list of 50,000 curated top-talent.
  • Curated new content by Seth on change management, innovation, disruption.
  • White-glove on-boarding and custom-needs assessment for key players.
  • Access to FowardLink - private network of 4,000 curated leaders and alumni.
  • Private coaching for enhanced learning and immediate skill application.
  • Post-program exit interview & follow-up to boost skill retention.

Rising Talent Early Deadline: November 27th, 2019

Early partners selected by November 27, 2019 receive a private digital call with Seth & 5 Chief Learning Officers to develop leaders inside their organizations [6 organization limit].

To join Rising Talent, please contact Head of Corporate Partnerships, Ishita Gupta: [email protected] or 248-250-2522.

Lead your people, don't manage them.

Have the guts to build leaders who see what hasn’t happened yet and takes ownership of what needs to happen. High-potential leaders will find a way to reach their full potential, with or without you. Make sure you give them the development opportunities they need to stay and transform with you, not in spite of you.

Culture defeats everything.

But culture is the deal maker, the deal breaker, the energy that changes everything. Culture is not fixed or impervious to your efforts to change it. Do culture on purpose. It’s worth it.

The altMBA serves leaders at:

Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Proctor & Gamble, Amazon, Shopify, Coca Cola, The NBA, Unilever, Red Hat, Facebook, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, PWC, EY, Uber, Citi, Oracle, Gartner, NBC, Toyota, and more.

Proven. Effective. Worldwide.

Transforming leaders in 75+ countries across the globe.