5 key takeaways from the altMBA

1. Opportunity to gain real skills that you’ll need to make change, take action, and move beyond your perceived limitations

Through the altMBA, you’ll learn how to make decisions fast without having all the answers, take your communication skills to a new level with learning how to give and receive feedback, how to lead even during times of change, and how to use empathy to build culture and get enrollment.

2. Clarity on the work that matters to you and the support to finally act on it

With the tools, support, and time to make change happen, our alumni have leveled up in all different directions. After the altMBA, they have started their own companies, transitioned into a new careers and positions, created side hustles, published books, and made podcasts. The nature of the altMBA community allows students to move forward together and find each other. We have alumni who have become co-founders, co-authors, and co-hosts after meeting in the altMBA.

3. Tools to stop hesitating & procrastinating

Many of our alumni note that the greatest lesson they learned inside the altMBA was to ship projects quicker. They found that the design of the altMBA encouraged them to press send, instead of waiting until later and spending too much time on one project.

4. Framework to make clear, effective decisions

The 13 prompts challenge students to make decisions and consider sunk costs, framing, opportunity costs, risks, and worldviews.

5. Access to a powerful network of 4,000+ leaders

The altMBA is just the beginning. Our alumni network is made up of top talent from hundreds of different industries, ages 16-82, from 90+ countries. After the workshop commences, students gain access into our online, vibrant alumni community where they can connect with all of the altMBA alumni. What bonds our students together is a desire to continue learning, a hunger to make work better, and a thirst to do more.

Apply for the altMBA

The program dates:
Monday, January 22nd – Thursday, February 22nd

Note: The First Priority Decision deadline for the January 2024 session is Tuesday, September 26th at 11:59 PM EST.