Kaci Lambe

The altMBA taught me fundamentals I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Kaci Lambe

Alumni Spotlight

Senior Web Designer, Whole Foods

  • Session: altMBA2
  • Company: Whole Foods
  • Title: Senior Web Designer
  • Industry: Grocery
  • Function: Design
  • Current city: Austin, TX

After the altMBA, I’ve felt more hope about my future. I already consider myself an ambitious creature, so it was a shift to hear people ask me to be MORE ambitious with my thinking. In my whole life, I’ve never been pushed to ask harder, better questions and find more truthful answers. I’m asking more of my friends and family too. When someone confides in me about a new idea, I have better questions to help them make their ideas stronger while still being supportive.

The altMBA taught me that perfection is a myth and that there’s still value in shipping something even if it’s flawed. This alone has given me permission to release projects that aren't “perfect.” It’s given me more confidence to ship what I previously couldn’t or wouldn’t. I have dozens of projects that have never seen the light of day because they aren’t finished, perfect, or better than someone else’s work.

Since the altMBA, I’ve released videos into the world that I was scared to show people. I’ve been able to talk about my experiences and my work with more confidence.

The altMBA taught me fundamentals I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. We had assignments that helped me realize that we put false constraints on ourselves. We limit ourselves for no better reason than because it’s scary to dream big. We successfully fought through some of that fear during the altMBA and it’s made it easier to do in other parts of my life.

The altMBA also taught me that almost every good idea can be made better by asking a better question. You learn tools that can help you get there.

The best part of the altMBA was working with fellow motivated, successful people who make your ideas stronger, bigger, and better.

The best part of the altMBA was working with the people. Everyone is invested in the process and the people around them. These are highly motivated, successful people who are giving of their time and opinions to make you and your ideas stronger, bigger, and better.

altMBA grads are invested and highly motivated in making a difference. They’re smart people. They push you to be better, bigger and bolder. And they make you think. They push you in all the best ways and altMBA grads are there to support you when you need a little extra help.

The altMBA inspired me to stop talking about my projects prefaced with an apology. My projects are important to me and they have a place in this world. The altMBA inspired me to dream a little bigger and have the courage to identify and describe what I want this world and my organization to look like. It was scary, but liberating.

Because of the altMBA, I am not afraid to start from a pie-in-the-sky scenario and to dream of a better world. Because of the altMBA, I’m asking more of my creative and entrepreneurial friends. I’m pushing them to describe what they really want and to not limit themselves.

I’m also working and thinking. I’m pressing against some constraints I previously set for myself and opportunities are opening up. The more my self-imposed constraints fall away, the less I fear in this world. I’m looking at the organizations I work in from different angles and finding the real problems I’m solving for, not the topsoil problems I was previously struggling against. It’s an exciting time.

The altMBA surrounded me with people who listen and care. These are people looking for a change or looking to make their ideas stronger and better. They’re giving and kind, but they don’t let you off the hook. They’re invested and they expect you to be invested too.

The altMBA changed my attitude. For the first time in 2 years, I have so much hope about my future and my ability to make a difference in the world. I have new tools too. It’s fun to look at the ideas I’ve been toying with in a new light and from new angles. And to have such amazing people give me feedback, send me links to other work that might help me, connect me with people, and encourage me to keep going… that’s invaluable.

The altMBA community is a rare, beautiful manifestation of all the best qualities: people who deeply care, crave connection, and want to change the world. They’re dreamers and thinkers. The altMBA community is a place where I feel safe to say what I really mean, to give feedback, and to speak boldly.

The community binds together. We push and support each other. The connection I felt with my classmates (even in the first week!) was a surprise. The last thing I thought would happen is to make friends at this level. I’ve never met these people face to face, but they are my friends. I’m still making friends within the community. These are my people. This is my tribe.

The altMBA made me realize that we put false constraints on ourselves. My classmates pushed me in all the best ways.