Case Study:
Dom Boyd

Managing Director

Tell us what you do and what your work typically entails.

I’m group head of strategy at adamandeveDDB, a creative communications company. Which on paper involves developing our tech, data, content and production businesses. In practice it’s about inventing and delivering a new future through innovation and JVs. Which is pretty cool.

How has the altMBA helped you level up?

It’s helped me find my own north star and start a new chapter in my life.
By embracing purposeful leadership.
By using fear as a positive energy.
By believing in myself.
By giving me the courage to leap.

What’s the #1 thing you liked about being part of the altMBA?

Being part of a bootcamp that gave each of us the courage of our convictions and the tools to make change happen.

It’s intense, but invaluable.

What's something you approached differently recently because of what you learned during the altMBA?

altMBA made me reimagine what it’s possible to achieve in my career and beyond by stepping up, leading from the front and deciding to leap. The result has been pretty immediate. I’ve now initiated and am leading a business transformation ‘accelerator’ programme with the backing of the CEO and board - something I’d never have thought possible previously.

Any other comments or recommendations about the altMBA?

If you’re looking for a standard MBA programme with standard finance-driven models in text books, this isn’t it. The altMBA programme equips you to be a change-maker, transformer and leader. By working with other smart change-makers that will push you, inspire you and help you to make ideas actually happen. If that sounds exciting, do it now. Things won’t be the same after.

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The program dates:
Monday, April 22nd – Thursday, May 23rd

Note: The First Priority Decision deadline for the April 2024 session is Tuesday, January 9th at 11:59 PM EST.