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SETH GODIN is the creator and chief architect of the altMBA. Seth is the author of 18 books, founder of Yoyodyne and Squidoo, and writer of one of the most popular blogs in the world. One of the internet’s pioneers, he’s been featured in magazines, interviews and podcasts and has given speeches to millions around the world.

He defines his career, though, by the impact he’s had in teaching others.

CZAR CARBONELFormerly with Ogilvy, Czar's a lifelong entrepreneur, a pioneer in the creation of reef-friendly sunscreen and a student of human nature. She helps the team in our ceaseless efforts to share the magic of the altMBA and to engage with the next generation of students.

SAM MILLER is Director of Operations for the altMBA and a graduate of altMBA14. Sam's the first point of contact for applications and is always on the look out for people like us. She's a dog lover and manages to make every emergency seem small.

ALEX PECK is our Creative Director. He first worked with Seth in designing the amazing books published by The Domino Project, and also created two magnificent 800-page behemoths. Combining design and technology, Alex adds power, magic and delight to the way our students interact.

MARIE SCHACHT is Head Coach for the altMBA (and alum of altMBA3). She works to help create the magic of the student experience. Outside of altMBA, Marie is in love with design. She fuels her passion by teaching high school and middle schoolers design thinking and looks for new ways, everyday to encourage people to design the future they love.

Director Emeritus: Wes Kao

In addition to our in-house staff, we’re privileged to work with a growing cadre of coaches from around the world, professionals who bring care, passion and expertise to their interactions with our workshop participants.

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The program dates:

January 6th – February 5th, 2020

Note: The Early Decision deadline for the January 2020 session is Tuesday, October 22nd.