Case Study:
Camila Naranjo

Senior Director

Tell us what you do and what your work typically entails.

Across the Americas, I work with our enterprise and midmarket sales teams to help solve customer problems, optimize their operations and maximize their business potential using the power of the cloud. How? by leveraging infrastructure and vertical software solutions that work on Microsoft’s cloud platform: Azure.

How has the altMBA helped you level up?

I now operate in quick, rich cycles to optimize learning and strong deliverables.

By shipping thoughtfully yet quickly, I am able to gather broader worldviews and richer feedback very early in the process.

The outcome is a cohesive and inclusive approach to a strong deliverable. By the time it’s completed, everyone involved has weighed in.

The altMBA helped me realize that learning happens in cycles. I was constantly motivated to deliver my best work and further develop the concepts of “perfect enough” and “no right or wrong answers.”

I was encouraged to help others deliver their best work and share what I thought they could have done differently using questions rather than statements.

It’s a growth mindset based approach where you get better at every deliverable. I was asked to reflect and humbly share what I could have done differently.

In the process, not only did I discover how I could sell better by looking at the process from a different angle but, I learned about world views and empathy which are crucial concepts in the business world today.

What’s the thing you liked most about being part of the altMBA?

“Like-mindedness.” I was delighted to be around people who shared a strong passion for helping others and strong determination for being their very best self.

What's something you approached differently recently because of what you learned during the altMBA?

Everything in my personal and professional life. In the past, when meeting a different opinion, one that I didn’t necessarily share, I usually opted to persuade.

Today I ask: What is she/he seeing that I’m not?

Any other comments or recommendations about the altMBA?

The altMBA presents a very different educational concept. Rather than to lecture, it provides a space to learn.

Students are guided by coaches, not teachers, who strive at making you uncomfortable by providing just enough direction.

Their intent is that you can figure your way through the process and have an open path for self-discovery in a safe and generous environment. To me, this was extraordinary to have!

The program is demanding and the rhythm is very active. Since there are no teachers, no certificate, no grades, think this program may be best suited for someone who demonstrates solid initiative and commitment to self-learning and development.

Someone who has a strong interest in developing how to provide and receive feedback would also benefit strongly.

I expected traditional marketing and sales concepts to be presented and developed through the course. The program does nothing of that sort.

You will be asked to prepare a post on a given set of questions. The project will involve academic business and marketing concepts such as creating marketing campaign or a sales pitch but, it will do it from an innovative perspective.

Rather than ask me how to improve my pitch, it will ask me to explain why I would purchase from my competitor.

In the process, not only did I discover how I could sell better by looking at the process from a different angle but, I learned about world views and empathy which are crucial concepts in the business world today.

I LOVED it. I’m a big fan. In marketing terms: I’m an advocate.

In case you are interested: Seth doesn’t chime in much. No grandiose opening or closing, no continuous encouragement, no validation.

The interesting takeaway is that the content and rhythm are so strongly marked by his creativity and influence, that such expectation becomes irrelevant a few days into the course.

Why? Because you will figure out there’s a tremendous amount to be learned from the least expected players in the course…

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The program dates:
Monday, April 22nd – Thursday, May 23rd

Note: The First Priority Decision deadline for the April 2024 session is Tuesday, January 9th at 11:59 PM EST.