Case Study:
Angela Pham

Manager, Thought Leadership Institute

Tell us what you do and what your work typically entails.

I'm a content strategist for PwC's Thought Leadership Institute, which means I interview, research, and consult with subject matter experts to create simple, compelling content for their clients on complex business issues.

How has the altMBA helped you level up?

I learned so much from the program and participants, but primarily the altMBA helped me become more empathetic in the workplace and outside it. And I embraced and understood abstract stuff like problem framing, constraints, and sunk costs more than I'd ever been able to from a textbook or lecture.

What’s the #1 thing you liked about being part of the altMBA?

The people that altMBA attracts are so driven, inspiring, and happy to help. The network doesn't die down after the program's over. I feel as though every student that I interacted with would let me crash on their couch for a month if I ever needed to. They can crash on my couch, too.

What's something you approached differently recently because of what you learned during the altMBA?

I reframed my entire career path: I had convinced myself that because I'd been schooled and employed in one area of expertise my whole life, that it was my inevitable destiny to stay in that field. I am slowly, steadily defying that now, and I saw the same lightbulb-moment epiphanies happening around me, too.

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The program dates:
October 4th – November 4th, 2021

Note: The Early Decision deadline for the October 2021 session is Tuesday, June 29th.

The application takes about 9 minutes to complete.